NEW Course | Train the Trainer


NEW Course | Train the Trainer


What materials come with the Programme?

Each delegate receives a pair of USB memory sticks containing a suite of case studies, presentations and training videos.  Click on Course Detail to find out more information about what is included.


Can I copy and distribute the Programme materials within my own organization?

The presentations, case studies and staff handouts on USB 1 can be copied and distributed as part of your training activities within your own organisation.  The video content on USB 2, however, is copy protected and you will not be able to transfer it to any other person.


Can I let someone else in my organization use the USB stick containing the Programme video content?

Yes, you can.  Whoever is in physical possession of the memory stick containing the videos will be able to use them in any training session which they are running.  However, they will not be able to copy or transfer the videos to any other person.


Is the Programme residential?

No, delegates are not able to stay at the Oxford and Cambridge club.  However, appropriate accommodation is available at a number of hotels near the venue in Pall Mall, London SW1 and we will be happy to provide you with details.


What does the Programme consist of?

The Programme consists of 2 ½ days of expert tuition as described in the schedule.  At the conclusion of the programme, delegates take away with them the memory sticks containing the Programme content.


Is there any limit to the number of people from my organization who can attend the Programme?

We do not place limits on how many people from a particular organisation may attend any one workshop.  However, because of the highly interactive nature of the Programme, there are natural limits on the total number of people who may attend any given workshop.


Is the Programme suitable for me if I work in a Non-Financial Business or Partnership? (e.g. Law or Accountancy firm, Estate Agency, Auctioneer, Car dealership etc. etc.)

You would definitely obtain some benefit as some of the material is of a general nature and applies regardless of sector.  However, other parts of the material are specific to the Financial Services industry and may not be directly relevant.  We would be happy to speak with you about tailoring a programme specifically to your sector.


Can you deliver the Programme in-house?

Yes, arrangements can be made to deliver the Program to your core AML Compliance training team in-house, anywhere in the world.


What is the language of the Programme?

The programme tuition and materials are in English.  However, for an additional cost we can provide subtitled versions of the training video content in the following languages

• Spanish

• Arabic

• Chinese

Please enquire four further details.


Is the Programme open to me as a Consultant?

Yes. You can use our materials in your own training for clients, but you must respect our copyright and in particular must not hand over control of content to your clients.

NEW Course | Train the Trainer